Assisted Living


Assisted Living Facility in Goldsboro, NC

Goldsboro Assisted Living is here to provide a loving, safe, and nurturing environment when your loved ones are no longer able to live independently in their own home. We provide assisted living care for seniors and Alzheimer’s patients. We deeply understand the transition stage that families go through and we know it can be a difficult and emotional journey. It’s our goal to ease that transition and assist the family at every step.

Goldsboro Assisted Living gives families the peace of mind they need to know their loved one is safe and happy. Taking care of mom and dad is a privilege, and plays an integral role in setting us apart from the competition. We give you the confidence that your loved one’s assisted living care exceeds expectations. We work with residents to determine their needs, desires, and interests to bring them the best senior care possible. It’s central to how we operate and we’re dedicated to doing everything possible to bring our residents happiness and enrich their lives.


Goldsboro Assisted Living strives to provide a home-like atmosphere for all residents. We offer cozy living rooms, pleasurable dining rooms and semi-private bedrooms. We have sitting rooms, TV rooms, activity rooms, a beauty shop, a gazebo area and a secure courtyard for the Alzheimer’s Unit where residents can enjoy being outside and still remain safe.


Goldsboro Assisted Living employs an Activity Director trained in providing activities to the elderly and to Alzheimer’s residents. This allows us to offer:
All of our residents are involved in an activity program that has been developed for each of them related to their individualized activity assessment. We work to provide the utmost in personalized activities for your loved ones.

Personal Care Services

Goldsboro Assisted Living is proud to offer Personal Care Services for those residents who need additional assistance with the following activities of daily living:

Regimens are set up for each resident based on their individual needs. Those residents who are more independent are encouraged in order to maintain this independence for as long as possible.

Rehabilitation Services

Goldsboro Assisted Living offers Nursing, Physical Therapy, Occupational Therapy and Speech Therapy, through other agencies, to enhance the well-being of our residents. These services are offered in the facility to make it easier for the resident. Services include a specialized feeding program for residents who require assistance or prompting with eating. The Alzheimer’s Unit has a feeding room setup for this program that provides a quiet environment for meals. Our staff has been trained in feeding techniques. Through this program we help our residents maintain and usually gain a little weight. This is very important in the care of our residents because weight loss can be a major factor.


Goldsboro Assisted Living offers a pharmacy program that delivers all medications directly to the facility on a daily basis. This ensures immediate and accurate dispensing of resident medications. This service also provides a Pharmacist that comes to the facility to review medications, their interactions and physicians orders. This gerontological medication review helps us ensure that residents are not overmedicated and therefore not lethargic or drowsy throughout the day. Our residents are on appropriate medications, but are not overly sedated.


Transportation to doctor’s appointments and other health care appointments is provided by the facility. Our staff stays with our Alzheimer’s residents during their appointments to provide continued safety and to communicate with health care professionals, maintaining the ability for us to provide the best care possible.


Goldsboro Assisted Living provides laundry services for all residents which includes personal clothing and all linens. We provide linens, but you are welcome to bring your own to more personalize your room.


Goldsboro Assisted Living accepts Medicaid, VA, Insurance Payments and self pay.